People often compliment me on this incredible life I seem to have. It’s true, life is good. It wasn’t always this way though and - let’s be real - it’s not always all roses. There’s light and there’s shadow and I take them both. The key for me is freedom and the door is my shamanic practice. This is what I learnt:

Freedom really is a state of mind largely independent of external circumstances. No news there. But knowing this piece of information is not enough. It has to be understood, not only intellectually but viscerally. It was only once I experienced this in my body that I got it. And this is what it feels like to me: I don’t want to escape from my life, not even on bad days, mostly. Instead I appreciate all that comes - and a lot of good comes. I don’t feel the need to please anyone or to prove anything. I feel good in my own skin. I feel like I don’t need to hide any parts of me but I learnt to build solid boundaries. I know that my reality is mine to create. I know that leaving a window open for serendipity yields magic. I know that almost all is possible. I don’t feel like this all the time - I’m a work in progress - but most days this is my reality.

If this is something you too would like to have in your life, are ready to show up for yourself and put in the work, then I can help you. That is why I am here.

I’d been searching my whole life and most of the time I didn’t even know what I was looking for. I called it all kinds of things: love, happiness, education, career, success, adventure, fun, shiny objects. You name it I’ve probably chased it. I went to school, got a great job, a husband, a whole bunch of shiny objects, travelled the world… and still wasn’t quite happy. Something was missing, I couldn’t put a finger on it. Then, triggered by a series of traumatic experiences, I found yoga and meditation and over time things greatly improved. But yoga only took me so far, something was still missing and I still couldn’t put a finger on it. I don’t blame yoga, I guess I just needed to hear it in a different language: more common, more relatable, more earthy.

It was only when a good friend introduced me to the shaman with whom I had a deeply transformative session - and who later together with his wife became my teacher - that things fell into place. I was ready to leave my old life behind. Through shamanic work I finally understood what I was looking for and how I was going to get it:

I was looking for freedom. Freedom within the confines of my mind, heart and soul, to be precise. Shamanism gave me the framework I needed: all that I ever needed was already within me, as were all the answers I was searching, and the way to get there was through connecting with nature, through connecting with my innate soul knowing and through diligent practice. Practice and discipline being the key, there is no way around it.

Get in touch if you want to hear more, have any questions or would like to work with me.