“My session with Adela was utterly transformative, enlightening, and full of joy. While focusing on practical matters - understanding my potential career trajectory, she instead enabled me to go much deeper within my consciousness to realise the broader context of our true potential within the universe. Totally unexpectedly, all my worldly concerns seemed irrelevant, and I could tap into a state of pure bliss, almost out of body, surrounded by white light streaming from my chest. It was an extremely powerful and profound experience, overwhelmingly positive and inspiring, a kind of soulful “awakening” as to how I could be directing my existence. Adela is deeply inspiring herself - truly kind, wise, visionary and progressive creative spirit whom I was able to trust quickly as a guide through self-understanding. I would be overjoyed and grateful to be able to work with her again.”

Mayuko Haldan-Jones


"I would highly recommend to do a session with Adela. For me, it was a tour through my inner self, something I have never done before. And it was amazing. Although I am or like to see myself as a down to earth scientist, this session made me more aware of the earth, the nature around me and the nature in me. On how not to suppress my inner self, how to acknowledge and embrace it. Adela gave me the confidence to do so. Thank you so much!"



"Adela is a fine and sympathetic teacher, who establishes a very nice esprit in the classes and who is a naturally gifted teacher. I recommend her classes very highly."

Edward Davey


"I feel so lucky to have found a yoga teacher and class that I enjoy so much. Adela’s calm, friendly and attentive nature automatically puts me at ease and gives me not only the encouragement but confidence to push myself each week as I discover the strengths and limitations of my body. I feel so much better in myself and about myself. Thank you Adela!"



"I have been a regular at Adela’s class for the past 9 months and the sessions have been invaluable to me. I found the classes to be really informative and relevant for what I required, as in the past I have suffered from a variety of back problems which are now non-existent. The stretches and exercise I found to be really helpful for me whilst training over the past 6 months for the London Marathon, and I feel that it contributed to staying virtually injury-free before and afterwards."

Paul Cunningham


"Adela is an amazing Pregnancy Yoga teacher -- inspiring and caring, gentle flowing techniques and always made to feel relaxed = happy mummy and baby in tummy!"

Chetna Khetani


"I am a beginner student and on meeting Adela I felt at ease straight away. Our class is a mix of beginners through to advanced and you never feel like you do not belong. I love that Adela will come round to check that you are doing a position correctly and if needs be move you to correct your position. Adela is a warm and patient teacher and I cannot say enough great things about her."

Anita Rawal

"Dearest Adela, I've been intending to write to you. I feel I didn't manage to express the beauty and clarity with which you brought through your treatment on me last Sunday. I appreciate deeply your integrity and commitment. You are a wonderful healer."

Sophie Bashford


"Adela is an ‘old soul’ who brings deep wisdom and powerful intuition to her work. For me, the cord-cutting session has been quite life-changing, enabling me to finally let go of an unhealthy attachment to an old relationship which ended a year before. I would whole-heartedly recommend Adela to anyone who’s finding it hard to move on from people or situations which are having a negative impact on their lives."



"Adela's energy is clear + strong. I felt an instant connection from the beginning. I felt very relaxed and drifted into waking and sleeping state. I initially felt energy randomly over my body, especially my right side - mainly. The end was especially profound - when Adela placed her hands on my feet, I felt a huge surge of energy throughout my whole body - like I was being filled up. It felt grounding and powerful, like I was being energised by a very grounding force. Thank you Adela, I look forward to another session with you soon."

Yolande Diver


"I’ve known Adela for a long time and I have to say that she’s always been a light in my life. Not only is she a very inspirational woman but she is also a great yoga teacher. Her passionate and attentive approach to yoga gave me a real insight into what yoga really is about. Thanks to her I learnt more about myself. I’ve always enjoyed her classes, which she tailored according to my needs. Thanks to Adela’s patient and gentle guidance during the classes, I’ve experienced my body challenged and my mind reawakened - it’s a bliss to do yoga with Adela! I feel very lucky to have found a person, who brought wisdom and balance to my life and made it more meaningful! 

Vladka Vesela


"I feel lucky to have found a great teacher! Adela is very knowledgeable about yoga and alignment, but maybe more importantly, she has a kind and nurturing manner that put me at ease straight away. She creates a safe environment where I feel comfortable just being me. Her instructions are very clear and delivered in a calm, purposeful and encouraging tone. Adela puts great attention to alignment and adjusting where needed. It feels that she has thought through how we'll go from one thing to another e.g. gradually flowing from the floor to standing positions and back down, not jerking about up and down! But, at the same time, is willing to adapt and modify. Thank you so much for that!"

Tahira Mirza


"I really enjoyed Pregnancy Yoga with Adela as her energy, calm and encouragement fills the room with a nice atmosphere apart from the yoga sessions. The sessions are very welcoming and she practiced a nice variation of different yoga movements that helped ourselves and our bodies to get ready for the big day and beyond. Every time I left the yoga class I felt very relaxed and calm.”

Emelie Mölleli

"I was sceptical at the beginning but I still decided to try. Even if I didn't believe so much at first, it worked on me really intensively. You must be prepared that plenty of unexpected "experiences" can happen. From my side it was like that... I was tired like after 3 days of travelling without any stop. I slept for 14 hours after my first session! The most important thing was incredible conciousness in me. I have never been so conscious in my whole life. It opened my mind to see the problems which I didn't want to see before. I went for a second session and that was the time to face those problems. And... it worked again. I am really thankful Adela. You did amazing job on me! I trust in psychology and every kind of social science, but sometimes even years of psychologic therapy don't help. Maybe then the shamanic tools can be successful. In this case I can highly recommend the help of Adela."



“Adela has a lovely, sympathetic manner which put me at ease during the shamanic healing ritual and I felt a personal matter had been addressed."

Jo McDonald


"I loved every minute of my weekly yoga sessions with Adela. It was exactly what I needed during my pregnancy and helped me unwind and stay fit and served as my weekly 'me time'. Adela was always smiling, helping me to feel confident and relaxed. When I went into labour I was able to employ the breathing techniques which helped me stay calm and focused. Now my baby is here I'm really looking forward to starting yoga again with him! Thank you for everything Adela x"

Yusra Al-Mukhtar


"Adela has a very calm and gentle demeanour that makes her pregnancy yoga classes a pleasure to attend. The small classes mean that Adela is able to focus on each person in the room and ensure that practice is tailored to an individuals needs. I always went away from the class feeling relaxed but more active and mobile at the same time, even at 39 weeks! I would highly recommend the class and feel that it has helped to prepare for labour. Thanks so much Adela!"

Hayley Bradley


"Adela is a fantastic yoga instructor. Her calm and warm personality is very welcoming and relaxing, she has a great way of motivating and encouraging you. I have absolutely loved the pregnancy yoga classes I have done with her, they have helped me stay fit and active during my pregnancy, especially in the last few months. I strongly recommend her classes for anyone interested in yoga at any level."

Dr. Thuha Jabbar 


"I really enjoy yoga classes with Adela. She's a great teacher, is very encouraging and motivating, and makes sure that the class is energising, challenging and fun for everyone - no matter what level they're at. Each class, I'm learning something new and improving on the postures I already practice. I look forward to her class as one of the highlights of my week!"

Sangee Smither