How does a treatment session work?

First of all, I need to find out a little bit about you: how you are feeling right now, what brought you to this work and what you are hoping to achieve through it. Once we have determined your objectives, we can decide on a course of action.

I facilitate and hold the space, you - the client - do the work. It’s a collaborative effort and this is important. You need to open your heart and own your process of healing and transformation. Empowerment is an essential piece of the puzzle.

During the treatment I hold space for you to tap into your own innate potential to restore balance, harmony and wholeness by:

  • Accessing information in the subconscious and resolving present blocks at root level

  • Releasing suppressed emotions from the body and energy field

  • Releasing negative conditioning and limiting beliefs

  • Releasing negative attachments to people, things, places, habits etc in order to create space for positive developments to take place

  • Bringing back and re-integrating lost parts of the self

  • Reclaiming your innate power

I guide you through the process but, as there are no promises and this is not a miracle cure or a quick fix, your willingness to do the work is essential. We are all a lot more powerful than we believe and nature gave us pretty ingenious homes to live in a.k.a. our bodies. Even though healing doesn’t necessarily mean that the symptoms or identifiable conditions will go away, the potential is infinite.

The practicalities

All treatments are done lying down on a treatment table. Please wear comfortable clothing and, ideally, have nothing demanding planned immediately following the treatment.

Treatment session lasts 60mins and costs €80.

To achieve real lasting results, more than one session might be needed. In this case I offer 3 sessions for €200 and 5 sessions for €300.

Get in touch to find out about availability, or if you have any questions.